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Elimination of legal responsibility to you from using this Website.
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Force Majeure.
  • In incidents or situations beyond our reasonable control, we will not be held accountable if these situations cause interruption or prevent the supply of our goods or services, or any of our other duties. Situations outside of our reasonable control may include but are not restricted to: acts of God; accidents; strikes; acts of terrorism; fire; lock outs; war; or breakdown of any communications, transmissions or software. If a Force Majeure incident takes place, we are authorised to delay our obligations, if owed, to a reasonable extent.
  • If a Force Majeure incident takes place in conjunction with these terms, we will inform you as soon as possible.
Registering your account with us.
  • Creating and registering an account with brandmaximum.com enables you to have increased admission rights and more opportunity to acquire our goods and services. Once you have registered your account, it is your obligation to ensure and sustain the privacy and security of your account and the actions within. You should never reveal personal account information to another person. In registering for an account with us, you are agreeing to inform Brand Maximum immediately of any security issues.
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  • Brand Maximum may obtain intellectual property, accounts, assets, goods and services on your behalf. They may be procured under Brand Maximum’s ownership to avail better pricing, facilitating the purchase, easy and efficient account management and several others specific to an account. Such properties can be requested to be transferred to an account of a client’s own or an authorized party at any time.
  • Any clause of these General Terms and Conditions that is deemed illegal, invalid or unable to be enforced will be removed from the terms, without affecting the cogency and enforceability of the outstanding clauses.
  • With regards to the procurement of specific products or services through the Site, any potential disagreement between these General Terms and Conditions and the Specific Terms and Conditions will go in favour of the latter.
  • These General Terms and Conditions only apply to those individuals who are directly involved in these clauses.
  • This is applicable to both the General Terms and Conditions and the Specific Terms and Conditions when delivering the service of notices, whether explicitly or implicitly.
  • All notices that need to be delivered, whether as part of our contract or in relation to matters within, will be written in English unless otherwise stated.
  • Notices will be sent to the standard business address of the relevant party and sent in one of these ways:
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Terminating the use of the Website

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No waiver that we make, however implicit or explicit, in implementing any of our rights will give bias to our right to implement these rights later.


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