How We Work

Our working process is congruent to productivity.


Our team takes pride in professional integrity and work ethics.


We discard activities that are counterproductive or not align with project outlines.


We commit and adhere to timely completion of a project.

1. Brainstorming

We Learn & Understand
  • Your brand and business
  • How you operate
  • Requirements & goals
  • Strengths & advantages
  • Gaps & obstacles
We Advise & Educate
  • Needs vs. wants
  • Areas that need attention
  • Solutions & services
  • Process
  • Benefits and results
We Quote
  • Budget Options
  • Timelines
  • Dependencies
  • Alternatives
  • Impact of alternatives

2. On-boarding


Once a business relationship is established, we explain the process to communicate and exchange comments, ideas and approvals.

Chain of Command

A team leader is introduced to you who will be a single point of contact for easy and clear communication.

3. Production

  • Scope is locked
  • Development begins
  • Approvals are obtained
Delay Factors
  • Incomplete content
  • Change in scope
  • Repetitive changes
  • Pace of approvals
  • Billing

4. Sign-off


We deliver the project and transfer all assets.

Post Delivery

We remain available for the transition period, maintenance and support.