Making a positive difference for our clients is our most satisfying achievement.


Brand Maximum is based in Canada. The name Brand Maximum reflects our mantra of growing a brand to its maximum potential.

Mission Statement

To help entrepreneurs in leveraging the success of their business and transform it into a self-sustained and financially rewarding brand.


To achieve corporate success for ourselves and our associates, as a credible, dependable and innovative business resource.

Our Corporate Belief

Be Effective

We believe in being effective rather than efficient. Deploying an efficient solution is important but achieving something substantial at the end is critical.

Client First

Taking your brand seriously is taking your business seriously.

Need vs. Speed

Business is 10% need and 90% speed. Product, service and quality matters but timing is most important.

Facts Matter

Results that cannot be measured are meaningless.


It is difficult to get three of these together – fast service, good price and a top quality. Only two come together.

Consumer Experience

The most important thing in the marketplace is consumer experience.

Our Competitive Edge

Essence of our experience is our ability to focus on building revenue. Our hands-on expertise and literacy comprise of the following.

  • Importance of timelines and deadlines
  • Capital, risk and return on investment
  • Distinction between a brand, business and logo
  • Importance and technicality of compliance and regulation
  • Handling small and large, short-term, long-term and provisional projects
  • Working as a lead or supporting team
  • Efficiently collaborating with clients’ in-house resources
  • Savvy to diverse characteristics of corporate culture and marketplace

We are adaptive to join a project or brand at any juncture and improve momentum.

  • Startup
  • Under development
  • Growing or expanding
  • Diversifying
If you are unsure of the technical juncture your project or brand is at, contact us today for a no-obligation discussion.

We are capable of very quickly analyzing projects. We review different brands every day and will be excited to review yours.

We may be able to tell you something about your business that perhaps, no one else did.

Our Legacy

The reason behind starting a business can be pure emotion, an idea or a fantasy. But building a business and a brand is being ardently practical.

It is about disciplined execution of an immaculate strategy. Some entrepreneurs learn it soon and others later. Some never.

We have been fortunate to have worked for many kinds. We feel jubilant for being instrumental in their brand’s corporate success.

Their success is our legacy